• Stylish and Functional

    I really love the noxabox. I use it for my daily supplements and at my age I take more than a few. I use two noxaboxes, one for the AM and one for the PM. Stylish enough to leave them in plain view so I don't forget. I have given the noxabox as a gift and it was a big hit. I would definitely recommend this product. Great engineering and so attractive. Sure beats the ugly plastic alternatives.
    Buy noxabox - I'm glad I did!

    - Anne

  • Gorgeous and Useful

    I use this product everyday and love it. I've been taking vitamins my whole life, but never even considered buying a pillbox before - they are so bulky an ugly. With my nokabox, all my supplements are conveniently separated and stored in a gorgeous, sleek container. No longer do I need to reach into my cabinet and open multiple vitamin bottles a day. I leave it out on my desk at work or the table of a restaurant with pride that I own something so stylish.

    - Sarah

  • Love my nokabox!

    Awesome pillbox! Just got mine and am never going back to my old organizer. The magnetic drawers are my favorite part -- so satisfying to feel the magnet secure the drawer in place. I recommend to everyone that is looking for a pillbox upgrade!

    - Joe

  • Worth the buy

    I purchased the cork leather nokabox and I'm in love with it. Not only does it look good, but the quality of the product is truly why this box is worth purchasing. The drawers have a magnetic piece on the back which pulls the drawer in and secures your pills. You can shake the box pretty hard and those drawers are not sliding open.

    Seriously give it a try. This has allowed me to travel with it and not have to worry about finding my pills and vitamins all over the place, especially in the bottom of my jam packed purse. I love the leather wrap that snaps over the box too, keeping it extra secure.

    - Amanda

  • Finally!

    It's the special attention to how it looks and how it feels that makes the nokabox totally different from any other kind of medication organizer. It's a statement that says I care about my health and I like fine accessories. I have bought several as gifts for my friends.

    - Kathleen


    I've been using my nokabox for several weeks now and I just love it. First of all, it looks more like a decorative accessory than those unsightly plastic pill boxes. You can be proud to display it on your kitchen counter (out of children's reach, of course). There is easy access to your meds since each drawer can be removed completely from the case (though not necessary). Replacing the drawer is as simple as slipping it back into the case. You will love how it just snaps back into place due to the little magnets. If you take medications or vitamins on a regular basis then the nokabox is a must have!

    - Cecelia

  • Pills are pain. Nokabox is our remedy.

    I bought Nokabox for my wife as soon as a friend showed my the idea online. The cork edition is classy and is "right at home" on a restaurant or a dining room table. Like it or not, many of us must take our meds with meals and we need to have them nearby at all times. This is the perfect replacement for those embarrassingly ugly plastic meds dispensers. Thank you nokabox for returning a little (no, a lot) of dignity to public dining and other social experiences where we need to access our prescriptions per doctors' orders. Smart idea!

    - Bill

  • Can a pillbox bring joy?

    Crazy but maybe... I had used my plain blue plastic pillbox for years without much thought. The little lids got in the way when filling but I never thought there could be a better alternative. Enter nokabox! It is so attractive that I am actually proud of it...Go figure...but more than that, it is very practical. The drawers are large enough to fit my combination of up to eight vitamins and medications. The drawers easily pull out but also "jump" back in smoothly. Who sez pillboxes can't be cool? nokabox is.

    - Donald

  • Love it!

    I'm finally remembering to take my meds. Before I'd feel embarrassed to be taking pill bottles out my purse in front of people and the other day I realized I had my nokabox out on my desk and didn't feel embarrassed at all. Nobody can tell I'm carrying meds around with me and I remember to take them as they're sat in front of me at my desk.

    - Claire


    I bought the Nokabox with the cork cover and I absolutely love it! I use it for my daily vitamins and it fits so easily in my purse. Having the drawers pull all the way out so I can just dump the pills in my hand is such a convenience, and I love how the magnet pulls it back in so the pills can't spill. I am so excited about it that I am actually taking my vitamins now just to use the box every day. I have shown it to everyone I know and they all love it. Such a cool design. I am buying them for gifts for all of my friends and family.

    - Joy

  • Such an improvement!

    The nokabox really is well designed. I have run into so many other "designer" pillboxes that are just a pretty cover for some cheap plastic, ugly, generic pillboxes. nokabox is the real deal. I'm actually taking my vitamins everyday too! I've become a nerd because I love having an excuse each day to open my super cute pillbox which is displayed so very nicely on my desk each morning.

    - Alex

  • The perfect travel accessory

    nokabox is perfect for for tossing in your carry-on bag when traveling. The magnetic drawers insure that the pills stay in place and the unique wrap around design of the case itself keeps the pills secure even in my purse. No more loose pills roaming around in your suitcase when you arrive at your destination!

    - John