About nokabox

We believe that taking responsibility for your health should be celebrated with beautiful, well-crafted products. Combining high-quality materials with improved functionality, nokabox arms you with health and wellness tools that you will love, not simply tolerate.

Our first product is a redesigned weekly pill organizer. We found inspiration for the design in conversations with real people. We spoke to the planners, the last minute-ers, the athletes, the patients, the travelers and the homebodies. We ran through rounds and rounds of user feedback to ensure our design is as functional as it is beautiful, and that your nokabox products fit seamlessly into your life.

We’re excited to create even more products inspired by you! We would love to hear your suggestions.


Angonoka Tortoise

The Name


The name “nokabox” was inspired by the Angonoka Tortoise of Madagascar. The Angonoka shell is not only the tortoise’s home but also an exceptionally stylish, protective camouflage. Combining elegance and utility, nokabox pays homage to a solution that nature already perfected.